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Customer Reviews for the VEC-1330K.

From: Kurt W2MW
Greetings all.... Just want to let everyone know that I had good success with building this kit. It took a couple of evenings to assemble. I took my time to make sure my solder joints were clean as well as not producing bridges. It was very helpful to sort out all of the parts first. I did this laying all of them on various paper plates, taping them into place. As I identified all the parts I labeled them on the plate. This made for a much easier assembly process. Directions were very clear.
Upon completion of the kit I checked all components. I tested the RX section first. This was done by producing a signal from a known calibrated source (my Yaesu FT-920). I was able to fine-tune the RX for max signal strength.
Next I tested the TX. Again, using my HF rig I was able to detect a signal right where I expected it to be.

If there was anything I found at issue was the location of the final heat sink vs. the cabinet mounted 1/4" phone jacks (Key & Spkr). It took a bit of arranging before I was able to have everything in place without worrying about the heat sink interfering with the jacks.

At this point I have not had it on the air. I am waiting for suitable weather before I erect a 30m antenna (still not sure what it will be). I will report back on my on-the-air test. I'm sure it will do fine.

I would recommend this kit for someone who wants to build a simple QRP rig and doesn't have a lot of time for the build. Directions are clear. PCB is very clean and found no issues. I did have to enlarge the holes for the trimmer cap since they were a bit small. Not a big deal.

Kurt - w2mw

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IT, DUMMY LOAD, 1500W, 0-650 MHZ
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