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Customer Reviews for the HFT-1500.

From: Robert Miler W1BM
The schematic diagram that accompanies the HFT-1500 is incorrectly drawn and the parts designations on the print does not match the part numbers on the board. The meter calibration page which shows the pictorial covering the reverse and forward calibration pots are labeled wrong R1 is actually R3 on the board, R2 is R4, R3 is R5 and R4 is R6. The schematic diagram has many errors for example R13 is not 15K but 47K, R14 is not 1.5K but 4.7k. R15 is not 4.7K but 1.5K, R16 is 15K not 4.7K. Q2 is Q1, Q1 is Q2, R12 is R6. C11 is C8 a .01. U2 is U3 on the board and C17 is C4. C16 is C5, C15 is C1, R10 is R1 and is not 110 but 10K. there should be a connection from a wiper arm on the pot R11 to ground. R7 is R2, R8 is R4 and R9 is R9 on the board. The biggest error is where the schematic shows the connection coming off the RF sensor board at C10 on the reverse output side of the sensor which in turn goes to SW3 and then into the base of Q1. This is not what is on the board in actually the circuit is taken off the forward side of the sensor off of L1 and then through a 47K resistor R2 with a bypass capacitor to ground and then goes over to the switch SW3. If you have ever to trouble shoot this circuit as I have had to do I hope these corrections will help you. I do not know why the person who designed this circuit did not take and connect the collectors of Q1 and Q2 to the output of the voltage regulator U3 as this would have made sense instead of connecting it directly to the input power connector. This change could be made and make for a safer operation of Q1 and Q2 in the circuit.

From: Bob Gorman wa1sch
I have owned This tuner for more then 20 years!
This tuner is built like a battleship and will tune anything reasonable! I have never tried to tune anything that was not cut
to at least a half wave length long.

I made a balanced antenna out of green (tiny) florests wire and
mage an immediate contact on 40 meters and got a great report!!

Simply Beyond what I even imagined it could do!

This baby is a big...rugged tuner that has lasted me much longer then I expected it to. I am sure someday you will see it in my estate sale...


From: cstkdcvr 1

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